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Salamander’s Growth : How Big Do These Amphibians Get?

Are you thinking about bringing home a salamander as your next pet? With such an incredibly wide variety of species—from dwarf to giant specimens—salamanders provide plenty of captivating choices for any pet lover. But before focusing on the colors, shapes, and sizes that make each one attractive, it’s important to understand just how big these…


Fact Or Myth : Can Salamanders Actually Regrow Their Lost Limbs?

Time and time again, people have had a lot of myths about salamanders. For example, salamanders are descendants of fire breathing dragons, or they grow wings, even that they can regrow the limbs that might be lost. But the thing about myths is- some of them could be true. In this case, it turns out…


Do Salamanders Change Their Color?

There’s a lot of misconceptions about salamanders in the animal lover community. One of which is that salamanders are similar to chameleons. Salamanders are amphibians and chameleons are reptiles, so that claim initially doesn’t look like a far fetched one. But what a surprise, there’s one massive similarity. Just like chameleons, there are certain salamander…

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