Pets that are in your care deserve the best from you, especially exotic pets like Pacman frogs. This South American native frog enjoys versatile foods in the forest which ensure they are not living with any nutrient deficiency.

While in captivity, your frog won’t be able to get all those plants & insects as compared to in the wild. Here comes the necessity of dietary supplements for the Pacman frog.

An ample amount of dietary supplement will not only help the frog to have a healthy body function but increases fertility too. So, what are these supplements? Good question. I’ll tell you just in a second.

Down here you will find details about the dietary supplement for the Pacman frog…

Why do you need to use Dietary supplements for Pacman frog?

Dietary supplement of Pacman frog

These frogs have a broad range of food items on their list. The list includes vegetation, different fruits, forest floor insects, worms, flowers, and rodents. In its natural habitat, this amazing creature enjoys at least 20–40 types of insects which makes the overall diet extremely rich in nutrients. These indeed fall into the category of the best food for Pacman frogs.

Sadly, it’s impossible to feed them such a diverse food menu while they are in captivity. This indicates that the overall diet is poor compared to the natural one. You will never be able to feed the size of versatile foods to your pet frog in captivity.

Though you will provide insects like cricket, Dubia roaches, and veggies, there will be a huge gap in the total nutrients that are crucial for your frog’s optimum health. The Pacman frog needs supplement food to ensure a balanced diet.

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Different types of supplement

Though supplements are packed with lots of nutrients and ingredients, on a broad scale they are considered 2 types. One is a Calcium supplement & another one is a Multivitamin.

In the following part, you will have a look at both of them…


For the healthy skeletal of your Pacman frog, calcium intake is a must. If your frog gets less calcium, it can create serious health conditions like Metabolic Bone Disease which will lead to forming fragile bones and finally death.

To save your favorite amphibian from such horrible conditions, you can use calcium powder supplements which are readily available online store. These calcium powders are mostly mixed with Vitamin D3 to make sure your frog is getting the most out of the supplement.

Rep-Cal Calcium with D3

One of the best calcium supplements is the Rep-Cal Calcium with D3. This outstanding supplement is made of a natural oyster shell. Not only that, but it’s also phosphorus free making it a great choice as a quality supplement for the Pacman frog. 

Due to the presence of Vitamin D3, your frog will easily absorb the calcium from the powder. In terms of use, you can simply coat this top-notch fine powder with feeder insects like Dubai roaches, fruits, and vegetables.

However, avoid coating calcium supplements on calcium-rich foods like Butterworms, Calciworms, and Phoenix worms. Provide them with another meal so that they can fill up the calcium for that particular meal.

You can use ½ tablespoon calcium supplement powder at least 3–4 times a week for your Pacman frog’s good health. For the best outcome, you can mix it with another multivitamin that would boost the Pacman frog’s health.

Vitamin supplement

Adding a multivitamin supplement will enhance the health quality & growth of your Pacman frog. Let’s explore different varieties of them –

1. Pac Attack

Pac Attack Pacman Frog Food

An outstanding multivitamin called Pac Attack is available which contains vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin D3, and many more nutrients.

These pellet-shaped multivitamins are easy to feed. Depending on the size of the Pacman frog, you can provide them with a specific amount with a gap.

A 2″ size Pacman can enjoy ½ to 1 pellet twice a week. However, a bigger Pacman with size around 4-8’’ can consume up to 5–12 pellets 2 times per month. It’s better to give the supplement in the first and last weeks of every month.

The feeding pattern of the pellet is easy: just soak in water and then serve it in front of the frog using a spoon.

2. Rep-Cal Herptivite

Rep Cal Herptivite Multivitamin

This multivitamin supplement is not only limited to vitamins; your frog will get lots of important minerals from this powder. Rep-Cal Herptivite contains ultra-nutrients in sea vegetation.

As a bonus, the vitamins and minerals help the amphibian’s natural body function smoothly. All you have to do is to coat the powder with fruits or insects and provide a healthy snack to your hiding buddy.

The recommended use of this multivitamin is the following:

½ tablespoon of Rep-Cal Herptivite + ½ tablespoon of Calcium vitamin D3 (mix well with per pound of food once a week)

3. Repashy Vitamin A Plus

Having a long list of ingredients like fructose powder, chlorella algae, rosemary, spirulina algae, and calcium carbonate, the Repashy Vitamin A plus is a powerhouse of vitamin A. This supplement will ensure your frog’s chance of developing a spindly leg and shorter tongue.

Moreover, it increases the overall health quality and also the reproduction ability of the frog. Due to its high vitamin A content, you can use this supplement only 2 times a month.

The feeding process of the supplement is easy: simply dust over the insect or other food of the frog, and you are done.

4. Zoomed Pacman Frog Food

Zoomed Pacman Frog Food

Loaded with vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin B12, vitamin D3, vitamin A, and many other useful ingredients, the Zoomed Pacman Frog Food would be an awesome multivitamin for your South American horned frog.

With a mix of 485 protein, 2% fiber, and 3% fat, this supplement will provide many health benefits for your lovely frog.

The colorful lazy Pacman frog can be fed using a spoon after mixing a small amount of water. Providing every other day would be a good routine for your frog’s health.

Wrapping up

It’s always best to take action before anything bad happens to your lovely frog. My advice to you is not to overdose on your frog. Because that can kill your frog.

Simply follow the recommended level and your frog will be in top-notch health. If any further complications occur that you are not able to detect, then directly make a call to the nearby professional vet.

I hope this short post provided you with sufficient information about Pacman frog dietary supplements in order to maintain their health.

Pacman Frog Food Chart

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