In a way, Pacman frogs look funny, lazy & colorful, but that’s what makes them so appealing. In comparison to its body size, this South American native frog has a big belly and mouth. As they live in high vegetation areas of South American tropical forest, they receive very little amount of light in their natural habitat.

There seems to be no need for light for them. However, if you can provide them UV-B light with a specific measurement they’ll get access to certain a better life. They’ll have Vitamin D regulation, a good appetite, better digestion & stronger immune system.

So, they might not need UVB, but will definitely benefit from it. As for how to provide UV-B for them at and what’s the ideal setting of a UV-B light for Pacman frog, we’ll discuss it down below.

Do Pacman frog needs UVB

The UVB requirement of Pacman frog

As long as you intend to buy or already have a Pacman frog in your collection, it’s a must for you to know the lighting requirements of this frog. In their natural living zone, the Pacman frog does not need that much light. And when it comes to UVB lighting, it might sound extravagant stuff.

But you should be surprised to know that the ample amount of UVB light can provide certain benefits, especially saving your frog from developing metabolic bone disease.

The UVB requirement of Pacman frog

Ferguson Zone of Pacman Frog

First of all, let me clear to you that Ferguson zones indicate the level of UVI range that is suitable and also the highest level an amphibian-like Pacman frog can survive. There are 4 levels of the Ferguson zone for an amphibian.

So the Pacman frog falls into the Ferguson zone 1 which has an average UVI range from 0.0-0.7 and a max level is 0.0-1.4. This means if you keep your Pacman frog in an enclosure where the UVI level is within 0.0-0.7, then it would be safe & beneficial for him/her. They fall into the 1st level because they are exposed to a very low amount of light in the forest.

Suitable UVB light & setting for Pacman Frogs enclosure

Not only the presence and installation of a low-power UV bulb will reduce the chance of metabolic bone disease but also add a more natural look to the terrarium.

Suitable UVB light _ setting for Pacman Frogs enclosure

Light Name

One of the reputed companies that make outstanding quality low UVB bulbs is Zoo Med. Among them are Zoo Med T8 Reptisun 5.0 and Zoo Med T5 Reptisun 5.0.

Another bulb you can get for your Pacman frog is the EXO Terra Natural Light which also generates a broad light spectrum along with low-level UV radiation.

Distance of light

No way you can keep your UVB blub too close to the Pacman frog. There has to be at least an 8-22’’ distance depending on the light bulb models.

Setup/ Fixing of the UVB light

You can set up the light bulb both vertically or horizontally. But for the best outcome & the comfort of your Pacman frog if you fix it horizontally then the light spectrum will fall inside the tank evenly.

Light cycle for Pacman Frog

Though the Pacman frog gets little exposure to daylight, the sun is an inevitable part of their habitat. It gives their brain a signal about day & night time.

So, if you leave them in total darkness then it would be a bad idea. If you are wondering Do Pacman frog need light at night then know that all-time lighting would be a disaster for them too.

So the simple equation is to keep the UVB light on for 12 hours and off for 12 hours. To maintain or give a more close touch to nature, you can alter the lighting cycle a bit for 1-2 hours less.

Changing time of UVB light

Just like any other light, to get the maximum benefits from the UVB light, you should change it after every 6-12 months. Usually, after six months, these lights start to get weaker so change it for the optimum health of your Pacman frog.

What you should not do for UVB light?

You know very well that the sun emits UVB, and think that if you keep your Pacman frogs terrarium close to the glass window then it will get enough UVB. STOP! Don’t do that.

Due to the greenhouse effect your frog might die. So don’t keep your frog enclosure near the window for getting free UVB from sunlight. 

Can you use UVB light for Albino Pacman Frog?

Can you use UVB light for Albino Pacman Frog

Specifically for the Albino Pacman frog, you should avoid using UVB light. These species have eyes that can react extremely in the presence of light. Due to the lower percentage of melanin, eyes of these frogs are highly sensitive.

However, you can use LED light in your albino Pacman frogs enclosure if there are a lot of live plants. Apart from this scenario, the room lighting would be more than enough for the albino Pacman frog.

Final Words

A good caretaker thinks a lot about their pet and you are one of them. You explored how light range can help or make things worse for your Pacman frog.

Let me remind you again that, adding UVB light is not a mandatory thing for the Pacman frogs terrarium but it will surely add value to your Lil buddy’s health & habitat.

I will be happy to receive your gratitude if this post has helped you better understand Pacman frogs’ UVB light requirements. Keep enjoying these hiding masters as your pet.

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