Green tree frogs are very popular pet frogs due to their vibrant colors and docile nature. Their vibrant colors in a properly set up terrarium are a sight of art. But frog owners usually have one major complaint, CROAKING. The majority of owners report this as a very noisy and unpleasant issue, especially at night.

Reproducibility is the principal cause of a frog’s croaking. Croaking is a male frog’s method of attracting the attention of its female counterparts. Other causes of croaking include rain, the formation of a territory, food, signs of good health, the stimulation of mating habits, etc.

But what exactly is this croaking and why do they do it? Let’s find out.

Green Tree Frogs Croaking

What is croaking?

What is croaking
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Croaking isn’t a specific kind of sound. It contains a wide range of sounds, including different high-pitch and low-pitch noises. A simple definition of croaking is frogs barking. It is an innate behavior of green tree frogs.

Croaking actually differs from species to species. Different species of these amphibians croak differently. It is also an indication of which species the frog belongs to. It is important to know that croaking is performed by male frogs only. Female frogs do not croak. They usually scream or tap their limbs against each other to make a clapping sound.

Why do tree frogs croak?

Why do tree frogs croak
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Tree frogs croak for many different reasons. Below are a few factors that initiate the croaking:

  • Instincts for mating, as in luring female frogs during the mating season
  • Rainy weather
  • To exert authority over other male frogs
  • If in confinement, after inducing mating impulses

Green Tree Frogs croak during mating season

Croaking is the mating call of a green tree frog. Typically, they breed in the summer or spring, particularly after a spring shower. Their innate sexual propensities are directly tied to rainy weather. A tree frog often croaks twice every day during mating season. The croak might linger anywhere between a few seconds and a minute.

Rainfall and warmer weather are characteristics of spring and summer. In warmer climates, female frogs have an easier time reproducing. Therefore, male frogs are active during these seasons. Frog males start croaking to attract females at this point.

Different species have different croaking sounds because finding the right mate is crucial. As the frog employs various tones to mimic singing, the croaking sound likewise changes.

When it becomes colder, all frogs have a tendency to hide, go into brumation, and become unable to perform reproductive ventures.

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Why does the Green Tree Frog croak at night?

Why does the Green Tree Frog croak at night
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Green tree frogs prefer to croak at night since predators are less likely to visually spot them at night. Additionally, in the dark, sound can travel farther without overlapping. A few species of these frogs also croak during the day. These frogs are not scared of predators and are venomous.

Why is my pet Green Tree Frog croaking?

The incessant croaking of green tree frogs kept as pets can irritate their owners greatly. All of a sudden, their pet frogs begin croaking. There are a variety of reasons why this might occur. These could either be intrinsic or extrinsic. Frogs tend to start croaking, rhyming with home appliances such as vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, washing machines, etc. They also start croaking, along with rainfall and thunderstorms.

Why is my pet Green Tree Frog croaking?

Green tree frogs kept in a tank start croaking during their mating season to attract a female if an appropriate partner is absent from the tank. Therefore, a lot of pet owners tend to keep their frogs in pairs. Despite keeping them together, it is sometimes not enough to stop the male green tree frog from croaking.

Pet green tree frogs can also begin to croak due to hunger. In this case, the pet owner needs to check if there’s sufficient food for the frog in the tank. Unfavorable conditions in the tank can also initiate the frog’s croaking. If the tank is too humid or if a suitable environment is not present, the frog begins to croak due to health issues.

If there are multiple male tree frogs in your tank, they can go into conflict and start croaking to establish their dominance. Male frogs build and maintain their dominance via louder croaking. There is also competition between themselves to attract females.

How do Green Tree Frogs hear croaks?

How do Green Tree Frogs hear croaks
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Frogs do not possess ears like many other animals. They are equipped with an inner ear and an eardrum. The inner ear is shielded by the eardrum, which is located on each side of the skull. The name of this barrier is the tympanic membrane, or tympanum.

This membrane is connected to a bone. Sounds that strike the membrane also strike the bone. The cochlea, papilla, and semicircular canals all receive the vibration. This eardrum functions both above and below the water surface. An interesting fact: a green tree frog’s eardrums are hardly separated from one another. Because of this, frogs are unable to perceive high-pitched sounds. They are limited to hearing lower frequencies.

Should Frogs Avoid Croaking?

Should Frogs Avoid Croaking
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Croaking is stressful and needs too much work. According to research, a tree frog must use over 15% of its whole body’s energy to croak. Excessive croaking when seeking female partners could have unexpected results. Sometimes they get so exhausted that they lack the energy to carry on. Therefore, if you hear a lot of croaking, try to figure out why.

How do I stop my pet Green Tree Frog from croaking?

How do I stop my pet Green Tree Frog from croaking
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If your pet green tree frog croaks too much, try to determine why. Occasionally, bringing a female partner will resolve the issue. If the male frog still croaks, try switching to the female. Make sure to provide your frogs with food on a regular basis.  Maintain moisture in the tank’s surroundings. Keep your frog tank away from your bedroom as much as possible. And if it still irritates you, choose a female tree frog as an alternative.

There are some means by which you could shut them up – like adding a decoy or making loud noises—but that’d frighten them. It’s probably better not to do so.

Wrapping up

I know it’s irritating, but croaking is a frog’s innate nature. It is a typical way for male frogs to show interest in those of the opposing gender. Frog reproduction depends on it as well. So, you really can’t do much about it.

Therefore, it is impossible to stop green tree frogs from croaking.

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