As far as the type of pets is concerned, things are changing gradually. People nowadays tend to favor smaller pets rather than traditional pets such as frogs, toads, fish, etc. Green tree frogs are one such animal which is getting more popular as a pet by the day. Since its popularity is rising, potential pet owners must know its food habits among other related things.

So, what do green tree frogs eat?

Green Tree frogs are mainly insectivores, but their diet isn’t exclusively made up of insects. They will eat anything smaller than them, which also includes small birds and bats. But as a pet, they also need supplements alongside their food.

Let’s take a detailed look at the food habits of a green tree frog.

What do green tree frogs eat

What kind of food does a green tree frog eat?

While keeping a pet, knowing about its diet is mandatory for its health and well-being. Without a proper diet, a pet will not live for a long time. Green tree frogs, too, need a proper diet for their growth and health.

Here is a list of the foods a green tree frog might need.

1. Gut Loaded crickets

Crickets are a very popular food among pet owners who own amphibians such as green tree frogs. They are an excellent source of protein, which is a must for the growth of these animals.


But other than regular crickets, you should gut load them first to make them more nutrient-rich. These insects can be easily found in various pet shops near you.

2. Cockroaches

Just like crickets, cockroaches are also rich in protein. Some say they are even better than crickets because their exoskeleton is not as tough as those of the crickets’.

Dubia Roaches

As cockroaches have smaller bodies, frogs can easily digest them. Getting cockroaches is also easier than getting crickets. Not only are they available in pet shops, but they are also available everywhere. You can even catch them from your house or the surrounding area.

3. Moths


Another excellent source of protein for green tree frogs is moths. They are also quite easy to digest because of their soft bodies. This along with their abundance of protein makes moths an ideal food for green tree frogs. These insects are available at various pet shops.

4. Fruit flies and house flies

Fruit flies and house flies

Flies such as fruit flies and house flies make perfect snacks for green tree frogs. They are not that big to be considered meals, but you can use these flies as treats. They are nutrient-rich and easily available.

5. Worms

Worms are a very good source of protein, minerals, and fat for green tree frogs. There is a myriad of worms you can feed your pet frog. Some examples are mealworms, silkworms, etc. These worms are also very easily available in various pet shops.


But keep in mind, some worms contain too much fat in them. So feed them only in a small number and only as occasional treats. Otherwise, they’ll suffer from excessive fat-related diseases.

6. Smaller frogs

Green tree frogs eat anything smaller than them. This also includes other frogs. These frogs are an excellent occasional treat for a pet green tree frog because them being rich in every kind of necessary nutrient for a frog. You can both breed smaller frogs or buy them from pet shops.

Keep one thing in mind when feeding other frogs to your pet green tree frogs.

Only Australian green tree frogs eat other frogs while American ones don’t. If you have an American green tree frog, don’t try to feed it frogs. If you do so, you’ll only add more frogs to the tank.

7. Mice

Australian green tree frogs also eat small mice. These are rich in minerals and protein, playing a large part in their growth and health. But the mice you’re feeding to your green tree frog should never be bigger than the frog itself. Otherwise, the mice will attack the frog and steal its food. 

Also, feeding mice to frogs should only be exclusive to Australian green tree frogs. American green tree frogs don’t eat mice.

8. Supplements

Other than regular foods, your pet green tree frog will also need proper supplements to ensure they don’t fall sick. Dusting their food with vitamins as well as mineral supplements will be a good idea.

Also, the frogs need calcium supplements to ensure their skeleton is strong and sturdy.

9. Water

Usually, you don’t need a large amount of water for your pet green tree frog. They get the necessary water from the air. But you will still need a little water for them to drink and soak their body when they need to. The water should be fresh and free of any germs and contaminants.

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When should you feed your Green Tree frog?

Green tree frogs are nocturnal, which means they also feed at night when they’re in the wild. So if you have a pet green tree frog, you should feed it at night. Wild green tree frogs look for areas that are a bit lit, as these are the areas that attract most of their prey, such as insects. For your pet frogs, you should also do the same.

Put the food for your frog inside, its tank at night and put it in a lit area. The frogs will then actively hunt their food down and feed on them.

How often should you feed your green tree frog?

Green tree frogs don’t need to be fed every day. You need to feed them once every couple of days or 3 days at maximum. But ensure you don’t put too much food inside the tank. Even if you do, make sure to remove the food as soon as the frogs are done eating.

Because once you leave excess crickets or other insects in the tank even after the frogs have eaten, they will continue to snack on them. As a result, they will be overfed and suffer from obesity.

How often should you feed your green tree frog
Image Credit: samcam, Canva

Final Words

The food habits of green tree frogs sometimes depend upon their species. American Green tree frogs don’t always eat the things an Australian green tree frog will eat. So before adopting a green tree frog, make sure of what species it belongs to and make your plan accordingly.

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