It would be hard to find anybody who will say axolotls are not cute. The first moment when you see these critters a lot of customers’ first thought was getting one of them as an aquarium pet. Their appearance makes it very compelling as well.

So what’s about these axolotls that make people crazy for them? Well it’s a bit of everything, starting from their smiling face, to their vibrant colors, even the way it sits makes people awestruck.

Here, in this article, I will tell you 6 reasons why axolotls are so cute and how they became so popular in a very short time. Stay tuned!

Why are axolotls so popular? : 6 things that make axolotl a cute pet

Why are axolotls so popular
Image Credit: EnderSkull, Instagram

Just a few years ago, axolotl wasn’t as popular as today. Minecraft made it popular. Then came Youtube & TikTok where people of all ages including kids & adults saw them over and over again. This wave of axolotl trend started in the last 2–5 years and is on an increase in hype.

The looks of the axolotl are so cute that anyone would like to get them as a pet. On top of that, their gentle movements and their mind-boggling colors simply change the atmosphere of your home aquarium. As the axolotl gets into a more demanding pet in the market, the price of the axolotl is going higher than ever.

When you see the axolotl, they are already adorable & sweet creatures. But some of their daily activities make them even sweeter.

Let’s see what increases the cuteness of these stunning creatures.

1. Smiling face

If you ask anyone who has seen an axolotl, they will probably say that they are very cute. This is because they have a smiling face. Though in reality, they don’t smile, their whole face looks like that during their feeding time.

Every time an axolotl wants to eat anything, it opens its mouth pretty wide and starts to swallow food like worms, and chicken meat. After swallowing, they keep their mouth wide open for a few seconds which resembles an extremely cute smile and that makes them a highly desirable pet to all age people.

Though a bit rare, some Mexican salamanders have upturned mouths, so they look like smiling 24/7, which makes them more cute.

2. Axolotl color makes them cuter

Undoubtedly the versatile color of the axolotl is amazing, especially the white-pinkish skin color with reddish-pinkish gills are the most famous one.

When you add an axolotl to the water tank and when they roam around under the LED light they just glow which can make anyone from kids to old men become happy.

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3. Gentle & interactive pet

Unlike many other aquatic pets, the axolotl is extremely gentle. You might have to handle them & touch them because it’s hard not to touch them due to their gorgeous looks.

Let me tell you why you should not touch your axolotl frequently. They are fragile creatures that can easily break their legs or limbs from a bit of pressure. If you touch them out of the water and hold them with a tight grip, you will lose the slimy skin & the limbs. So make minimum hand contact.

However, during feeding time, you can use your fingers to give them chicken meat, worms, or other insects. If you touch them slightly while feeding, it won’t harm them, and you will see how they start roaming around your finger for food.

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4. Don’t lose juvenile body features

As the majority of animals mature, they tend to lose many of their unique physical traits, resulting in a noticeable change in their appearance. However, the axolotl is an exception to this trend, maintaining its recognizable features throughout its growth, from juvenile to adult phase.

When axolotl passes their juvenile stage, they look more adorable and their large gills and small limbs just make them look more artistic. Luckily they don’t grow much from the young to the adult stage, so they don’t lose that fluffy look.

5. Weird floating angles

Axolotl is a playful creature that makes charming body movements as if they are looking for something. They will sometimes lift their front legs, which gives the signal of a playful mood.

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6. One sits on another back

Though axolotls like to stay alone, when you keep two same-size axolotls you will sometimes notice they are swimming in the tank together. While roaming around like that they don’t harm each other. This is another strong reason why so many people find them so cute.

Final words

With a slow movement and gentle attitude, the axolotl appears to be one of the cutest-looking animals on the entire planet. So who’s gonna miss out on having them as pets while they have time & affordability?

I can assure you that this delightful species will bring a shower of happiness to your mood & surely add space to more fun in your kid’s childhood life. Just prevent them from touching the fragile axolotl to enjoy their cuteness for a long time.

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