The vibrant colors and droopy looks of the Pacman frog have bamboozled many people over the years. Some even say it was love at first sight. It could happen to you as well. You’d be raring to get one of them back at your place.

If you find yourself in such a situation, the first task is to know the price. This magnificent creature is easy to buy and maintain, and it feels really good when you have one of them in your home.

In terms of cost, you can buy a healthy Pacman frog for around $20-$100. If you want to get an exotic breed of Pacman those can cost up to $399. There are some rare breeds that can even go higher!

However, the full cost of getting the pet in your home which includes the basic maintenance plus shipping would be around $150-$350.

In this article, I will help you to explore the costs associated with buying and raising Pacman Frogs. Here we go…

How much do Pacman frog cost

The average cost of a Pacman frog

Multiple factors add up with the final cost of a Pacman frog. When you remove the additional costs such as shipping, the average price of a Pacman frog ranges from $20-$90.

This cost can go high due to factors like color, age of the frog, species, etc. Let’s have a closer look…

Factors that alter the cost of a Pacman frog

After all, it’s a pet so there is no such thing as a fixed price in this market. The same frog will have different costs if you look at multiple market place. So the key factors that have a strong impact on the Pacman frog’s price are…

Types of Pacman frog

In terms of types, the Pacman frog comes in 8 different types and all of them have mind-boggling camouflage colors on their skin. The price of one type can be more or less than other types. But the good part is both the baby Pacman frog & the adult Pacman frog come at the same price.

Check out the different species of Pacman frogs and the price ranges.

Species Cost (approximate)
Cranwell’s horned frog$20-$100
Surinam horned frog$65-$79.99
Brazilian horned frog$70
Argentine horned frog$40
Ecuadorian horned frogNot available in market place
Pacific horned frog$159
Venezuelan horned frogNot available in market place
Caatinga horned frogNot available in market place
Colombian horned frog$15-45

As you looked at the upper table, you saw the species and their prices. We are now going to explore the price of Pacman frogs based on their unique colors. 

In different online and offline amphibian stores, you will see Pacman frogs with bright colors which include albino Pacman, blue Pacman, brown Pacman, green Pacman, ornate Pacman, purple Pacman, yellow Pacman, strawberry Pacman, etc.

What, you don’t know what they are? I explained about them in detail in my guide on different types of Pacman frogs. Have a look if you’re interested.

When you are going to purchase your Pacman frog, the color you choose will have a direct impact on cost. There are some colors that have a high demand, so they tend to cost more than others.

In the table below, you can see the price depending on the color of the Pacman frog.

Name ColorPrice ( approx.)
Blue Pacman frogAqua blue with green markings$40-$75
Albino Pacman frogYellowish skin with an orange base$25-$120
Green Pacman frogBrown to green color, with red, orange, and yellow markings$20-$119
Strawberry Pacman frogPink/orange color with pink/white/red spots$35-$55
Ornate Pacman frogBrown/Green color with red/yellow/ brown spots$20-$100
Yellow Pacman frogHigh bright yellow color with red spots$65-$100
Purple Pacman frogGrey/ Purple color with brown spots$380
Horned Pacman frogBrown/ green color base with red/yellow/orange spots$65-95
Translucent Pacman frogTranslucent pink color$400

As you can see, there’s a direct relation between a Pacman frogs morph and the price.

Where to buy Pacman frogs?

You can buy Pacman frogs from 3 different markets and these are private breeders, online shops, and local pet shops.

1. Private breeders

Though you have the option to buy from an online store, you can buy from private breeders. Private breeders might ask for a bit high price but you will good quality breed without any doubt.

Because experts in this field recommend buying from breeders.

2. Online or local pet shop

If you don’t prefer to buy from the breeder due to the high price then local shops and online stores are waiting for you. In case you don’t have a nearby pet shop that sells frogs then online would be the most viable option for you.

Remember shipping charge will be there with your frog’s cost.

Top-notch private breeders and websites for Pacman frogs

When you want a get a specific Pacman frog breed, you’d want it to be of good quality. The easiest way to do that is by getting your pets from a respected breeder.

In the following, I will mention some well-reputed online stores which provide high-quality & healthy Pacman frogs to their customers. Stay tuned to see the price list…

1. JAM JAM Exotic

This online frog and reptile store has an outstanding collection for people who want to buy something unique and rare. Their main focus is Pacman frog and they have 10+ years of experience in this field.

If you are one of those people who like to collect pets that are different and don’t care about the cost then it’s the perfect place for you to buy a Pacman frog. Also, you can read their blog too for useful information about your Pacman frog.

In this store, you can buy Cranwelli Pacman Frog which has a price range from $29.99-$49.99.

You will also get Mutant Pacman Frog here which has unique skin colors. The price of these frogs can start from $249.99 and the rarest one can cost $399.99.

If you are looking for an adult Pacman frog, the cost would be around $69-$349.

I am adding 3 different tables one is about the price of the Cranwell Pacman frog,  the second one is the price of the mutant Pacman frog and the 3rd table is about the price of the Adult Pacman frog on the JAMJAM Exotic website.

Cranwell Pacman frogPrice (approx.)
Egg Yolk Albino$49.99
Pikachu Albino with spots$29.99
Clean Emerald$49.99
Red Chocolate$49.99
Table 1: Cranwell Pacman frog Price

Mutant Pacman frogPrice (approx.)
Pink Mutant$299.99
Black Eyed Pink Chicken$399.99
Blue Mutant$299.99
Silver Mutant$249.99
Translucent Jelly Mutant$299.99
Silver Phantom$249.99
Table 2: Mutant Pacman Frog Price

Adult/Sub-adult Pacman frogPrice
Adult male peppermint$69.99
Adult female pink phantom$349.99
Adult female samurai$129.99
Adult female white albino mutant$399.99
Table 3: Price for adult Pacman frogs

2. CB reptile

CB reptile
CB reptile

This store is a very high-quality store for supplying healthy South American horned frogs to their customers. Due to their honesty, they will allow you a 7 days health guarantee.

If anything happens within this time, they will replace a new one. In the below, I am adding some frog prices they are offering…

Frog NamePrice
Green Pacman$144.95- $164.95
Strawberry Albino Pacman$75-$144
Sunburst Pacman$124.95-$146.95
Lemon Albino Pacman$143.95
Strawberry Pineapple Pacman$147.95
Apricot Pacman$138.95
Camo Pacman$133.00
Ornate Pacman$147.95

3. Snakes at sunset


One of the best house breeders sells their reptiles and amphibians on the online platform. For more than 15+ years they are becoming one of the pioneer breeders of the Pacman frog.

Let’s have a look at what price they are asking for their customers.

Pacman Frog NamePrice
Fantasy Pacman$49.99
Green Apple Pacman$39.99
Albino Pacman$29.99
Baby Brown Suriname Horn Frog$79.99
Super Lime Albino Pacman$69.99

4. The frog depot

This frog store earned a good name in the frog petting community. They not only sell Pacman frogs but also other reptiles too. You can also buy necessary things like substrate, dry food, tanks & kits, etc.

Among varieties of frogs, their Pacman frogs price is added in the below table to let you compare easily with other stores.

Frog NamePrice
Samurai Pacman$35.00
Green Pacman $15.00
Chocolate Pacman$20.00
Ornate Pacman$25.00
Red Ornate$65.00
Brown Cornuta$35.00
Green Cornuta$60.00
Inferno Pacman$40.00
Spot Albino$45.00

5. Josh’s frogs


Founded in 2004, this amazing business farm provides great customer service by sending you email, messages, etc. They also have a blog to educate new and old buyers about their Pacman frog.

Without wasting time, have a glimpse of their asking price range for versatile Pacman frogs.

Frog NamePrice
Ornate Pacman Frog$99.99
High Red Ornate Pacman Frog$139.99
Brown Pacman Frog$49.99
Translucent Strawberry Pacman Frog$1499.99
Brazilian Horned Pacman Frog$59.99
Samurai Mutant Gene Pacman Frog$69.99
Apricot Pacman Frog$34.99
Tricolor Fantasy Pacman Frog$39.99
Chocolate Pacman Frog$24.99
Brazilian Horned Pacman frog$59.99

6. Big Apple Herp

The last one is the Big apple Herp which also has a great collection of Pacman frogs. You will find their price comparatively low than other buyers.

Frog NamePrice
Strawberry Pacman Frog$49.00
Green Fantasy Pacman Frog$49.00
Apricot Pacman Frog$59.99
Albino Pacman Frog$29.95

Overall set-up cost

Along with the frog cost, you will also have to count the maintenance cost of your Pacman frog which includes the setup cost.

Without a proper setup, it would be hard to ensure the health & safety of the frog. And a perfect setup means you will provide a suitable environment for your frog where he/she will have no different environment compared to their original living zone.

However, you will need the following stuff for Pacman frog’s tank setup…

Maintenance itemsMaintenance Cost
Fogger $150-$350
10 gallon terrarium$100-$250
Water dish$12-$15
Heat mat$20-$50
Screened lid$25
LightingUVB bulb $35, Fluorescent full spectrum natural light $18

All these things are going to make a near-perfect environment for your Pacman frog. Please keep in mind that the price can go up and down as all the values here are approximate costs.

Grooming cost

So far you saw the price of the frog and maintenance cost. Now you will need to have an idea about the running cost of taking care of your lovely frog.

To be frank, it’s not really high and you can afford it without much hassle.

Water cost

For any frog, water plays an important role in their optimum health condition. You have to artificially create a climate inside the terrarium where the humidity level would be between 80-100%. It will save your Pacman frog from having dry skin. Using a sprayer you must make sure humidity remains at the required level.

For that, you need fresh water. You can use filtered water, distilled water, or spring water. It’s a big no to use chlorinated water. However, dechlorinated pipe water would be useable for the frog’s tank.

If you use spring water, you need to spend $10-$15 monthly. For distilled water, you need to spend around $11 per frog (for 1 tank).

Electricity cost

Maintaining the ideal temperature is crucial to keeping the frog in good health. For that, you need to maintain a constant temperature between 75-85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Without a good quality heat lamp or heat mat that’s not possible.

Sadly, this is the single major cost that would cost around $50-$70 depending on which state you live in.

Monthly treat

If you are a new owner then this cost does not matter but if your Pacman is a full-grown adult, you have to provide a monthly treat.

Depending on what you are gifting to the Lil buddy fluctuate the cost. If you plan to give Butterworms then you need to spend $40-50. Giving the monthly treat with waxworm would cost you around $11-$20.

Feeding cost

Unlike their monthly treat, the regular feeding cost of the whole month won’t be more than $25.

  • For 250 piece 1’’ size cricket, the cost would be only $11.
  • For 100 piece ½’’-¾’’ size Dubai roaches, the cost would be $14.99.

(Please take note you can keep nightcrawlers, silversides, nightcrawlers, etc as your Pacman frog’s staple food.)

You can keep both of these insects as your Pacman frog’s staple food. Moreover, the necessary dietary supplement like Calcium & multivitamins won’t cost more than $20 monthly.

Things you should look for while buying a Pacman frog

No one wants a bad deal especially when you are bringing an exotic pet like a Pacman frog. If you don’t inspect carefully you, might buy an unhealthy, weak Pacman frog into your home.

Simply keep the following things in your mind when you are going to purchase the frog…

  • Never purchase a thin-looking Pacman frog. It’s always best to pick the frog that’s a bit fatty and round in body shape.
  • If it’s possible check the appetite level of the frog.
  • Purchasing from the breeder gives you a better chance to get a healthy frog compared to the online store.
  • Don’t buy the lethargic and inactive Pacman if you are getting them from a local shop. Go for the more active frog.
  • For online purchases, you can go for the top-notch one that has a good reputation among the frog pet owners community. Also, seeing the reviews will help a lot to know the quality store.
  • Try to buy baby Pacman instead of an adult Pacman frog. It will save you hard-earned money.

Final words

Up until now, you must have a broad idea of the cost of Pacman frogs. Buy one of them and treat them well so that you can enjoy their companion for up to 10-15 years.

I would be extremely happy if this short blog post clear your thought about Pacman frog prices & the relevant expense. Happy petting time!

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