Nature has designed frogs in such a unique way so that it can survive on this planet with its own characteristics and biology. The strategies they employ to avoid predators and capture their prey are numerous. Understanding their biology will make you forget what you’re used to. One such behavior is burrowing.

Now, burrowing in itself is not a major problem. But someone who isn’t a veteran frog keeper won’t know anything about it. Today I want share what I know about why pacman frogs burrow and how do you deal with it as a frog owner. Find out below to understand…

What’s the reason pacman frogs burrow?

Why Do Pacman Frogs Burrow

I have found many reasons behind this act after extensive research. As every animal competes to survive on the earth like this little animal. Pacman frogs burrow themselves out of necessity or instinct. There have some definite reasons, I am going to mention them below —

1. Natural Instinct To Hide Them

Pacman frogs are among the creatures who used to burrow themselves under the substrate. By doing this, they can easily hide from plain sight.

When a Pacman frog is kept in captivity and protected under your observation, you will see that it is burrowing itself under the rubbish out of natural instinct.

2. To Secure Itself From The Predator

It also burrows under the substrate to secure itself. When Pacman frogs discern that they are not secure and a predator might attack them, they burrow into the ground to protect themselves. It is the wild nature of Pacman frogs. These techniques help them stay safe so that they can survive. You will see that they are still doing this under captivity if they sense any unwelcoming condition.

3. To Hunt The Insects

I have found that they also burrow to hunt their prey. This also comes under Pacman frog’s eating habit. During hunting, a Pacman frog burrows itself under the substrate so that its prey cannot perceive that it is here under the substrate. It waits until the prey comes near him and then catches the prey.

Animals who are not avid hunters usually employ this technique, such as Pacman frogs. Other animals, such as Chameleons, Leaf Tail Geckos, Mossy frogs, etc., camouflage themselves to help them hunt more effectively.

4. To Maintain Temperature

Another interesting reason for digging under the substrate is temperature drop or raise. When the temperature of the surroundings becomes unfavorable for your Pacman frog, it used to burrow itself so that it can find its temperature favorable.

This is so amazing that it can hardly be perceived. When the temperature is high then it makes a room for itself under the substrate.

5. Age Factor

When the Pacman is in juvenile, it used to burrow itself until it reached a certain size and age. Though you might also find this trait in an adult frog, this is a common trait during juvenile. Or Pacman frogs sometimes look for excretion, this might be a conducive location for them.

How should I deal with a burrowing Pacman frog?

A natural instinct is to burrow under a substrate, as I have mentioned previously. It will be better for you to take precautions after knowing the reasons why they burrow themselves.

On this ground, you can help your Pacman frog by regulating favorable temperatures while it is in captivity. As they search for a cool substrate when the temperature is hot and vice versa. Sometimes temperature might be a serious issue for them and quick changes in temperature may affect their health.

On the other hand, others have reported that their Pacman frogs do not burrow down under the substrate at all. While this might seem a problem because this goes against their natural instinct.

But, there is no problem concerning how they will breathe under the substrate. You might know that frogs can breathe through their skin. So burrowing does not make any hindrance to breathing.

In case, the tank and substrate are both hot then they will not burrow themselves under the rubbish. They will wait until the temperature comes down. In that case, you can provide for them another shelter and it is recommended to change the substrate or make the substrate wet and cool so that it will be a good place for them to lower their body temperature.

Best Substrate For Pacman Frog

 How Long Do They Stay Buried?

It is very important to know how long they stay buried. If you want to nourish a Pacman frog or learn its biology, then you will see that the juvenile one is staying longer under the substrate than the adult one.

As for how long they stay, we can’t provide the answer in one line because it is a bit complex. A Pacman frog generally emerges from the substrate when it is hungry or if it sees its prey is relatively close to him. Also, it is possible for them to remain under the substrate even a week or more without coming out.

Additionally, it has been found that the Pacman frog emerges at night, but this does not happen in every case. So it is hard to give a definite time frame. All these depend upon two things —

1. Health Condition

That means, if a Pacman frog feels unfavorable temperature then it chooses the way to burrow itself under the substrate.

2. Environmental Conditions

Unexpected attack by a predator, pursue a way for food by burrowing itself Pacman frog awaits so that its prey can come near and finally burrowing itself under substrate is a common nature of a Pacman frog, etc. These things come under this heading.

However, the majority of the owners of Pacman frogs have reported that their frogs generally stay for a few days. In most cases, Pacman frogs dig and go under five inches of substrate so that they can cool down their body temperature and consume their reserves of food.

Final Words

Finally, every Pacman frog owner should understand why Pacman Frogs Burrow and how long do they stay under the substrate. This will enable frog owners to release their worries and take the proper measures to mitigate the problem.

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