Axolotls are joyful creatures to be around. Sure, you might have seen them in Minecraft but did you know they make awesome pets too? With their charming smile and adorable face, these aquatic critters are a joy to watch and care for.

Additionally, axolotls are popular pets due to their low-maintenance care requirements and charming personalities. 

You might think an animal as popular as that will be easy to get, but on the contrary, many people struggle to find a reliable source to buy axolotls. It does come to me as a surprise because all they had to do was look at online shops. If you’re afraid of being scammed through online purchases, then all the more reason that you should stick with me.

In this blog, I will provide you with all the information you need to buy axolotls, including where to find reputable breeders, the merits and demerits of buying either from online or local stores, and more. 

So, if you’re interested in owning an axolotl, follow this blog to learn everything you need to know.

Best Place To Buy Axolotl Online: Top 7 Online Sellers

Out of a big list of online axolotl sellers, the following ones are famous for their top-level axolotl breed. 

Why did I choose them?

Starting from shipping to the client safely to customer support and live arrival guarantee, multiple factors play a crucial role to make them among the toppers. 

Let’s explore those shops in the following.

1. Fantaxies

Fantaxies! Get it? Fan… axies? Nevermind. 

Fantaxies is a big name in the axolotl market. This excellent breeding & online pet shop has more than 10+ years of experience in shipping axolotl to their customers.

With more than 30+ types of axolotl breeds, they have one of the largest axolotl collections. The shipping procedure is very safe & reliable. So, you can expect to receive a healthy axie at your home.

Plus, it would be a great deal for anyone to buy axolotl from this seller. Because each of the axolotls is taken care of with extreme measures. Also, they enjoy a good amount of live food until the shipping time.

However, if you belong to California, D.C., Maine, or New Jersey then you can’t order from this shop because it’s illegal in these states.

For your convenience, Fantaxies will keep updated through tracking mail. Due to the ultra-secured shipping system, the shipping boxes are labeled with “Fragile” & “Live” animals. This increases the safety of your axolotl which already has to go through a bit of a stressful process of the shipping journey. 

In terms of cost, if you want overnight shipping, the cost would be $55; for 2 days of shipping time, the charge is $28.

2. Axolotl planet

Axolotl planet

Founded by a 10-person team who are highly passionate about the breeding of axolotls and growing their number, the Axolotl Planet is a reliable name in the axolotl community. 

From the beginning, the entire team has been working on breeding the best quality axies and shipping them to different parts of the USA. 

The 20+ types of axolotl morphs indicate they are good at what they are doing. Plus, there’s no room to compromise when they prepare for the shipping of these exotic animals.

Also, they claim they believe in quality, not quantity, it shows that you as an axie lover will get an axolotl that was cared for perfectly. 

Moreover, they have both overnight and 2-3 days shipping systems. However, you will only receive the pet after they send you an email.

When it comes to safety, they double package the pet box to ensure no leaking of oxygen and water. Adding to that, the shipping box also includes cold packs which keep the temperature of the axolotl bag within the appropriate level.

In unfortunate cases, if you receive a dead animal, you can get a new pet as a replacement. All you need to do is to send the picture of the dead axolotl inside the unopened bag, and the order number within 3 hours to this address [email protected].

Due to the legal rules and regulations, this breeder won’t ship any axolotl in states like New Mexico, Maine, D.C., and New Jersey, etc.  

3. Ivy’s axolotl


Being in the business since 2018, this online axolotl shop has gained a lot of trust in the axie lover club. Their axolotl collection is huge. You can order different ranges of axie from moderate price tag to high-level price. The price alters vary on the rare & highly demanding morphs.

Unlike other private sellers, Ivy’s axolotl has a long list of reviews from their beloved clients which are available on their website.

To keep the reputation high and to ensure the animal’s safety they offer triple shipment protection. As a result, they can provide live arrival of your axolotl. 

When it comes to the quality of the axolotl of this breeder, each one is healthy & thriving. From baby to adulthood, the axolotls are handled with love. As they get the highest grade food, the clients can expect a pet that would live long with the perfect care. 

Shipping is always messy stuff. So Ivy’s axolotl has a policy to ship the animals on Monday – Wednesday & Saturday. Which helps in shipping the axolotl to the owner’s hand in good health.

However, if you find a dead axolotl after receiving the box, simply take a picture or video. Then send it to the email within one hour to get a full refund or a new animal replacement. 

They also have a supportive team that will help you online regarding any help about the setup of your axolotl home. Like any other reputed breeder, they also don’t provide any shipment to states where axolotls are illegal.

4. Pet Central

Known for supplying varieties of animals like birds, amphibians, reptiles, and fishes, Pet Central emerged as a good online platform that offers healthy & high-quality axolotl breeds. 

You will find more than 10 types of axolotl morphs here which can vary from $49.99- $90. Their 9 years of experience made them one of the top axolotl sellers in the USA. 

Parallel to any well-known axolotl seller, they maintain the highest level of safety to deliver the axie to the client’s doorstep.

One of the unique features of Pet Central is that they not only give you the guarantee of the live animal on arrival but you also have the guarantee for 14 days. However, if it comes out that the owner has not provided healthy husbandry for the animal then there would be no refund.

While receiving a deceased animal you will get a full refund or a new replacement. If you can show the proof like the order number, and the picture or video of the deceased animal on arrival.

Coming to the shipping cost, 48 states in the USA will cost around $29.95 – $44.95 with a packaging charge of $5.95. However, the shipping charge for Alaska & Hawaii is more than $70.

As this company highly maintains the rules & regulations, people from New Jersey, Maine, New Mexico, and D.C. won’t be able to order axolotl from the shop. 

During the delivery day, you will get an email and after signing it you will receive a tracking email. Soon after that, your pet will be shipped to your address. 

Finally, the packaging of the axolotl is done with cold packs. And the bag remains properly insulated during the shipment. So, the customers get a happy healthy axolotl

5. Mottled lotl

Mottled lotl

From the name you can guess that this seller is passionate about axolotl. They are highly professional axolotl breeders which have numerous types of axies in their collection which include golden albino, white albino, copper, GFP axolotl, non-GFP axolotl, etc.

Even the price margin of their axolotl is quite reasonable and falls between $85-$150 mostly. Some unique axolotl morphs might be a bit pricey. 

Though they have high-quality axolotl, they won’t give any guarantee for live arrival. You will only get a live guarantee for overnight express delivery. For dead arrival, you will get a refund or a replacement of the animal.

However, dead arrival is rare as the package of the shipping box is done delicately to protect the axolotl to the clients’ homes. 

No matter when you make the purchase, you will get the pet delivered the next Monday. So it’s best to order 3-5″ axies before Saturday so that they can be prepared by fasting for the shipment. For 6″ axolotl it’s best to order before Thursday.

6. Josh’s frog

Josh's frog

Loaded with a versatile collection of animals, this amazing online seller also has axolotl which is born from healthy parents.

Both in the amphibian & fish lover community, this online shop has a good badge due to its excellent breeds. The same applies to the axolotls here. You will find at least 8+ types of axolotl morphs on their website.

Regarding the price range, you will get an axolotl between $34- $80. Their awesome live arrival with 7 days guarantee of the axolotl earned a huge amount of trust from the pet owners. 

Not only that, if you receive an unfit & weak axolotl, they will offer a 14-day guarantee. For that, you need to show proof of receiving a weak axolotl. If it does not survive with good care then you will get a full refund. 

Any kind of fast shipment from this shop will be done by the Fed ex overnight express delivery service for the highest safety of the axolotl.

7. Gilly water aquatics

Gilly water aquatics

Another big player in the axolotl market, which has more than 50+ morphs of axies under their observation. With their expertise in top-notch breeding of axolotl, they became one of the largest online suppliers of this exotic species.

As an axolotl lover, you will be able to purchase different morphs with the cost varying from $75-$200. 

Besides, they only deliver on Sunday. So, you need to make the order earlier. Because they ensure each axolotl is fasting for at least 4 days before the shipping day.

The option for fast delivery is there, which is the USPS express delivery. However, ordering through that package would cost $65 for 1-2 axolotls.

During the summer months, you have to collect the axolotl from the USPS within 24 hours. If 24 hours pass and the axolotl dies then there would be no refund. For safety, on extremely warm days, the box will be marked with ” Hold at the post office for pick up”. 

As a pioneer axolotl breeder and seller, the Gilly water aquatics team makes the perfect package using a styrofoam-lined box along with cold packs to keep your axolotl happy in a cool environment.

Buying from this high profile axolotl selling farm would be a good deal for you!

What is the Average Cost of an Axolotl?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of buying an axolotl online?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of buying an axolotl online
Image Credit: Evgeny Shaposhnikov, Shutterstock

Ordering an animal online is a good deal for people who do not like the hassle of going out. Though online axolotl sellers have bright sides they are not free from the downsides.

Let’s see the benefits & drawbacks of buying axolotl from an online shop in the following.


1. A vast collection of axolotl morphs

Undoubtedly one of the plus points of buying an axie from an online shop is that you can select your favorite morphs from a big list. 

Also, you have the freedom to choose from varieties of online shops while sitting in your bedroom.

2. Easy to find out the reputed seller

It’s very easy to check the reputation of a breeder who sells online. All you need to do is to see some reviews on Google about them. If you want to know more you can visit their Facebook page or their website to see more authentic reviews.

Mostly the reputed axolotl farms provide a guarantee on live animal arrival. Some online shops even provide a 7-day guarantee with some logical conditions.

Besides, you can get to know about the axolotl parent’s morph and every detail about it like food habits, take care process, etc on the website.

3. Purchase at a cheap rate

When it comes to price, online shops can easily charge a lower price. Because they don’t have to go through the hassle of shop rent and related expenses.

Plus, you can easily compare the price of different axolotl breeders online and get yourself an axie from the low rate seller.


1. Stressful for your axolotl

Though axolotls are pretty hardy creatures there are lots of factors that can lead to high-level stress. A long time under stressful situations can turn fatal for them.

Ammonia buildup, warm temperatures, and low levels of oxygen in the water are extremely stressful for axolotl. Sadly, most of the shipping process takes at least 2-3 days.

Every breeder ensures top-notch packaging to keep the axie in perfect health condition but there always remains a high chance of alteration in the parameter.

Especially in the summertime or any disaster moments, there’s a good probability that you will receive the axolotl in a stressful state. 

2. Delivery time is quite long

Unlike a local pet shop, you have to wait for at least 8-12 weeks depending on the order qué of the online axolotl shop. There’s an issue of maintaining the inventory properly, so during your purchase time most probably axolotl is not born yet. 

Breeders take pre-orders to maintain a stable inventory so that they don’t have to deal with the extra food cost and maintenance cost of a large grouping of axolotls.

Also, many sellers dispatch the pet only on weekdays to avoid any kind of long transition during the shipping process. Overall, it’s a time-consuming process to buy an axolotl from any online shop.

3. No way to spend time with the pet

Though you may get the same looking axolotl as the picture on the website, there would be no way to interact with the animal during purchasing time.

No one can deny there’s a good feeling when you like the movement of any pet while buying from a local shop. 

Here this feeling is fully missing. So you have to build an instant friendship with the one delivered to you.

What are the advantages & disadvantages of buying axolotl from a local shop?

What are the advantages & disadvantages of buying axolotl from a local shop
Image Credit: Vitaliy Halenov, Canva

Some people will always stick to the conventional buying pattern. They don’t like to buy pet axolotl from online shops.

If you are one of them you should know the positive and negative sides of buying axie from a local breeder. Let’s see both of them in the following part…


1. Immediate purchase

When it comes to buying an exotic species like an axolotl, waiting for 5-6 days or weeks is very irritating. If you purchase your axie from your neighborhood or local area it won’t be a time taking process at all.

Just go and buy your favorite morphs from the breeder.

2. Better buying experience

One of the benefits of buying from a physical shop is that you can explore different types of axolotl physically. This gives you a far better experience than buying from an online shop.

In other words, you can pick the axolotl that caught your eyes at the first sight from the spot. Which is impossible in online buying.

3. Stress-free for your axolotl

The hassle of shipment is not only the distance and time. You have to count the factors like temperature fluctuations, jerking, noise, vibration, lack of oxygen, etc. All this makes an axolotl stressful while getting them from a local shop removes all these issues.

So, purchasing your next axolotl from the local shop would be an overall pleasant & stress-free experience for your newly bought aquatic buddy.


1. Lack of info about genetics

This is a big downside of the local axolotl shop. Unlike online sellers, it’s hard to find any pet shop that has a high reputation for supplying a healthy & unique breed of the axolotl.

Moreover, you won’t get much info about the genetics line, and parents’ info from the local shop. Because they don’t reveal their suppliers’ names to keep the business running smoothly.

So, you have to buy mostly by looking at the looks of the axies rather than the genetic profile.

2. The low number of morph

Another negative side of the local axolotl seller is that you won’t find a huge collection in their shop. And it’s hard to visit one shop after another in your state and it’s a time taking process.

So, you have to choose from a limited number of axolotl morphs. For example, if you are looking for a white albino axolotl and it’s not available in any local seller shop then you have to buy another morph.

3. Higher price

It’s hard for any physical shop to offer axolotl at a lower price. It’s another letdown of the local axolotl breeder.

Multiple underlying costs like rent and others add up with the axolotl’s final price. While the online seller has advantages regarding this side, so they can keep the charge a bit lower than the local pet shop.

Local pet shop in your area

For your convenience, after in-depth research I made a list of local pet shops in different states of the USA. 

Hopefully, it will help you to buy axolotl from your local pet shop.

StateWebsite & Shop NameAddress & Contact NumberAdditional Information
AlabamaAlabama Axolotl(256) 589-76895-star rating on Google
B&B Pet Shop+1251-661-34744.6-star rating on Google with more than 1300 reviews
AlaskaAlaskan Axolotls(907) 643-0342Soldotna, Alaska
Northern Axolotls(907) 268-0650
PennsylvaniaKBs’ Axolotls[email protected]Harrisburg, PA
Tina’s Happy Axolotls[email protected]New Castle, PA
TennesseeShop Reef & Reptiles(931) 905-4188329 Warfield Blvd. Clarksville, TN 37043
Emerald Bay Fish & Reptile(615) 470-8488Lebanon, TN, USA. 4.7 stars rating on Google with 340+ reviews
The Aquatic Critter615-832-4541Nashville, TN, USA. 4.8-star rating on Google with 2.8k reviews
JKS Aquatics8653570580Knoxville, TN, USA. 4.7-star rating with 235+ reviews on Google
Pet Cove+1 423-247-3474Kingsport, TN, USA. 4.5 rating with 750+ reviews on Google
TexasCowtown Axolotls(682) 551-0418Fort Worth, TX
Happy Hart Axolotls+15708992213Virginia Beach, VA. 4.6 start rating on Google
OklahomaOkie AxiesHennessey, OK
New YorkMonster Aquarium Inc(516) 795-3987
East Coast Axolotl(516) 795-3987Long Island, NY
OregonThe World of Wet Pets503-292-7946Beaverton, Oregon. 4.6 rating with 800+ reviews on Google
Pets on Broadway+1 503-282-58244.7 rating with 1.8k reviews on Google
IllinoisDatzcihilds & Reptiles(815)-271-5715
Golden Aquarium(773)376-83551514 W. 33rd St. Ste J, Chicago, IL, 60608
MOD Aquatics[email protected]Genoa, IL
MississippiPet Palace(601) 261-1122Hattiesburg, MS. 4.6 rating with 178 reviews on Facebook
MinnesotaTwin Cities Axolotl[email protected]Bloomington, MN
ConnecticutAngelina’s Axolotl[email protected]Milford, CT
New England AxolotlsPlymouth, CT
Animal City, Inc(860)872-357435 Talcottville Rd Vernon
FloridaAlotl Dreams(321) 396-2628Orlando, FL
West Florida Axolotls And Exotics(727) 557-7422Clearwater, FL
IdahoAlotl Dragons[email protected]Garden City, ID
Awesome Axolotls(208) 602-3995Boise, ID
Lovely AxolotlsNaples, ID
IndianaStrohl’s Herpitles[email protected]

Please note that some fields may be empty because there wasn’t any corresponding data.

Final Words

Throughout the post you have seen the good and bad sides of both online & offline buying of the axolotl.

I expect that this short post will surely give you a clear idea about both the local pet shop & online axolotl shop.

Now you can make a concrete decision on Where to buy Axolotls? Surely you can. Have some confidence and click that buy button.

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