Suppose It’s time for a vacation and you have booked some time away from home, given that the holiday season is just ahead of us. But, you’re the owner of a beautiful aquarium where there are many elegant fish, snails, shrimp, and a few pretty African Dwarf Frogs.

Definitely, you’re concerned about whether your beloved pets can hold out for the time being away, and you’re particularly worried about the dwarf frogs since they require a lot of protein-rich food.

So, do you want to pre-organize food for your pet African Dwarf Frogs while you enjoy yourself during the upcoming holidays? Then this article has got you covered! Here, we will discuss how long this species of frog can go without food, along with a plan for their diet while you’re away.

How long can African Dwarf Frogs actually go without food?

How long can African Dwarf Frogs actually go without food
Image Credit: bubblesthefrogo, Instagram

This species of frog can generally survive for multiple weeks without food. How long they can actually survive without any food depends on a variety of factors. But in less favorable conditions, the frog might not be able to last more than a few days without food.

Wild African Dwarf Frogs need a meal that is equivalent to 12 crickets every 3 weeks. The cleanliness of their natural habitat is also crucial.

Generally, if your frogs have been feeding greatly, they can easily see through anywhere from a week to 10 days without consuming anything new. But if they are not doing so well with food, then it won’t be long before they start to starve.

The water temperature is another factor that influences your frogs’ survivability. Under optimum water conditions, they don’t require much feeding.

How often should you feed African Dwarf Frogs?

How often should you feed African Dwarf Frogs
Image Credit: bubblesthefrogo, Instagram

A planned diet for these frogs consists of three offerings per week. If you’re breeding this species, then the tadpoles and froglets require daily feeding. Adults develop a slower metabolism rate, so one offering every week should be sufficient.

You should provide food in the aquarium and let the frogs eat as much as they can, then remove the extra food. This helps to prevent contamination in the tank, and you’ll spend less time cleaning and changing the water. Also, it is important to thaw any frozen food and rinse it with fresh water.

It is best to feed these frogs during the night since they are nocturnal species.

How to feed African Dwarf Frogs while on Vacation

How to feed African Dwarf Frogs while on Vacation
Image Credit: my_froggy_gram, Instagram

The best suggestion would be to have someone feed them while you’re away on vacation. You’ll also need to instruct the person whom you’re leaving in charge on how and what exactly to feed.

Purchasing an automatic feeder is another excellent alternative. This machine will be feeding your frogs on a planned schedule until you return home. It is inexpensive and you won’t have to bother someone for their time.

Do African Dwarf Frogs eat everyday?

Do African Dwarf Frogs eat everyday
Image Credit: dwarftrio, Instagram

African Dwarf Frogs are slow eaters by nature. They prefer live food and require a substantial amount of protein.  These frogs don’t require food every day because they have a slow metabolism rate. Because of this, you don’t need to provide these anurans with food on a daily basis since they consume food slower than most other frogs. There will be plenty of leftovers for them if you provide food in a planned manner.


You don’t have to worry much about your African Dwarf Frogs while you’re away on a short trip for a couple of days. Just feed them heavily and bring some live black worms to the aquarium before you leave, and your frogs will be just fine.

If you plan on going away for longer, I suggest you ask someone to take care of your frogs or purchase an automatic feeder.

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