Although the bright color skin dart frog lives in dense forest area, they do get a certain amount of sunlight which provide UVB. So in one sense, they do get negligent light exposure even in the daytime.

Thus, UVB light is not necessary for them. But if you can ensure UVB light with proper settings it will undoubtedly increase dart frogs’ overall health and the possibility of a long life. Because it will help the frog to do help better regulation of Vitamin D, a higher appetite, excellent digestion & a robust immunity for survival.

So let’s explore how UVB lights are set up and their importance in this article. Stay tuned!

Do dart frogs need UVB

What is UVB Light?

What is UVB Light
Image Credit: Farsight UVC, Instagram

Natural sunlight emits ultraviolet B light. UVB light is beneficial for reptiles and amphibians, as it helps them to synthesize vitamin D3.

Vitamin D3 is necessary for calcium absorption, which is important for bone health. However, too much UVB light can be harmful, and it is important to provide your pet with the proper amount of UVB exposure.

Do Dart Frogs Need UVB Light?

While dart frogs do not naturally occur in environments with high levels of UVB light, they can benefit from controlled exposure to UVB light.

In captivity, dart frogs typically do not get enough UVB exposure, as they are often kept in terrariums or vivariums without access to natural sunlight. Providing your pet with controlled exposure to UVB light will help them to stay healthy and prevent problems such as metabolic bone disease.

Which light will provide an ample amount of UVB Exposure?

Which light will provide an ample amount of UVB
Image Credit: Gustavo Camacho, Instagram

Adding a low-level UV bulb will increase the aesthetic view of the dart frogs tank. Along with that, it will help the frog from getting into the trap of forming metabolic bone disease which is a common health problem of frog species.

Light names And Brands

Arcadia Reptile Jungle Dawn LED BAR and Zoo Med T5 Reptisun 5.0. Would be great bulbs for providing the required UVB for your dart frog.

In the frog owner community, the  EXO Terra Natural Light is famous and you can use it for your dart frog for the best health. All of these lights will keep the tank free from darkness & the required light for your frog & plants.

Light distance from frog

Though dart frogs can climb on trees but in terrariums they won’t have such big plants. So, they won’t be able to climb until you provide any wood piece like a log.

For the best lighting that’s safe for both dart frogs and the plants, you need to fix the light with a distance of a minimum of 8-22’’.

Fixing the UVB bulb or bar

There’s no rule of thumb to fix the UVB bulb or bar horizontally or vertically. However, if you set the light into a horizontal position then the light will fall evenly on the tank.

Timing of the UVB light

Mostly dart frog-like to stay on the bottom part of the forest floor and sometimes they do enjoy being on the plants. But in both cases, the dart frog gets minimum exposure to sunlight in their natural habitat.

But they do enjoy a part of sun & it gives their body a natural signal of the timing of day and night. Based on this, you can guess that leaving them in the dark could be fatal. On the opposite, too much light exposure would make them sick.

The bottom line here is to provide them with 12 hours of lighting and 12 hours of darkness to let them have the feel of being in their original environment.

When to change the bulb

Any new light gives its best and with time its performance falls and the LED UVB lights are no exception here.

So change the UVB bulb/bar after 6-12 months for the best quality lighting for your dart frog.

Can you keep the dart frog Vivarium under sunlight for UVB?

Can you keep the dart frog Vivarium under sunlight for UVB
Image Credit: Metis_Dartfrogs, Instagram

While dart frogs do need exposure to UVB light to stay healthy, they are also susceptible to skin damage from too much sun exposure.

As a result, it’s better to avoid keeping dart frogs under sunlight.

Have you heard of Ferguson Zone?

Before you go, let’s talk about one crucial matter, the Ferguson zone.

Ferguson zone is a theory to measure the level of UV requirement of reptiles and amphibians. It was invented by Gary Ferguson. He found the data by tracking the animal’s basking site and also the total exposure time. 

Ferguson zone is divided into four categories. And according to my finding, dart frog falls into Ferguson zone 1 and Ferguson Zone 2.

What is Ferguson Zone 1? 

Ferguson Zone 1 is for animals that are from tropical regions and do not require any special lighting. They are used to living in areas with constant sunlight throughout the day.

The  UVI range for this animal varies from 0-0.7. Dart frogs that fall into the Ferguson zone are the following:

  • Black-legged dart frog
  • Bumblebee dart frog
  • Amazonian dart frog
  • Green and black poison arrow frog
  • Yellow & Black poison arrow frog
  • Dyeing poison arrow frog
  • Blue poison arrow frog

( Please take note that in earlier times dart frogs were called the arrow frog.)

What is Ferguson Zone 2?

Ferguson Zone 2 is for animals that come from regions where there is little to no sunlight. These animals usually have a higher requirement for UVB lighting.

Animals that fall into this category have a UVI range of 0.7-1.0. Which is a bit higher than the Ferguson zone.

Only one dart frog that falls into this category is the following:

Wrapping Up

I applaud you for coming here and reading all the details about taking good care of your colorful dart frog. You saw the right range can make a huge impact on your dart frog’s health.

So please try to keep in your mind that, UVB lighting is not something that’s a must but it will provide a huge value to your Amphy friends.

Hopefully, this short blog has been able to add new info that would make you a better owner of your frog.

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