All the frog species in the world make different kinds of noises. They can range from loud croaks to harsh screeches to mild hummings. The noises that frogs make are an indication of various things, such as season change, calling for mating, singing, or even discomfort.

Well, the sound that African dwarf frogs make cannot exactly be described as “noise.” Being aquatic frogs, they stay underwater for most of their time. While underwater, they occasionally make a sound that is more of a buzz. It can be considered a form of singing and can be quite loud. You’ll hear this most often at night, although sometimes they sing during the day as well.

Let’s find out why exactly the African dwarf frog species buzzes.

Why do African Dwarf Frogs buzz?

If you hear your African dwarf frog making a buzzing noise, then most probably a male frog is singing in order to attract the female. It usually happens when the frog is sexually mature and ready to reproduce. And they can make a variety of noises.

It is very important to know that only male frogs tend to make such noises; females do not make such loud sounds.

They usually begin to sing at night because of their nocturnal nature. If you have multiple of them, they will start competing against each other to attract the female, which can eventually turn into an orchestra!

However, there are instances where an African dwarf frog will sing or hum even if there’s no female around, sometimes it’s just in the mood to sing.


Do African dwarf frogs sing when they are happy?

Yes, they do! African dwarf frogs sing when they’re happy, when they’re scared, and sometimes even when they’re angry. Interestingly enough, the frequency and intensity of their croaks may differ depending on what emotions they’re feeling.

What causes African dwarf frogs to produce a funky noise during the night?

African dwarf frogs make a funky noise at night because they are content in their home. Also, they want to protect their habitat and invite mates into it by producing funky noise. In the wild, these frogs make this noise to communicate with other frogs and let them know that this territory is taken. It’s kinda like how dogs bark to warn strangers away from their property.

In the home aquarium, you can think of the noise as a way of letting you know that your frog is happy and comfortable in its habitat.

Do female African dwarf frogs sing?

Yes, occasionally female African dwarf frogs will sing in response to something that catches their attention. In most cases, they make sound while other male frogs call for mating.

Wrapping Up

Making noise is a part of African dwarf frogs’ mating instincts. Therefore, you shouldn’t be too worried if you hear their loud choruses.

However, they tend to begin singing during nightfall. So, unless you don’t plan on having an all-nighter, do not put the aquarium in your bedroom (or anywhere near it)!

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