Pacman frogs are some of the coolest creatures on the planet. And, why wouldn’t they be? They’re so adorable and tiny. And to add to that, they have cute and playful personalities. But there are so many types of Pacman frogs, and each has its own unique character and quirks, what do you get?

In addition to specific traits unique to each breed, Pacman frogs also exhibit unique behaviors. They come in different colors and morphs and even sizes.

Some of the most popular morphs include the Albino Pacman frog, which is white with red eyes. Other popular morphs are the Purple and Translucent Pacman etc.

With so many incredible Pacman frog morphs to choose from, it’s no wonder they are among the most popular pet frogs in the world.

In this blog post, we will take a look at various types of Pacman frogs. So if you’re hyped about getting a Pacman frog collection, then read on…

What Is A Pacman Frog?

What Is A Pacman Frog
Image Credit: 胖子們的日常, Instagram

The Pacman Frog, also known as the South American Horned Frog, is a species of frog that loves to gobble up its prey with gusto. This feisty amphibian lives in tropical climates but also can be found in almost any state in the United States. They are most active at night.

With their large mouths and bulging eyes, Pacman frogs sure look like they could eat you up in a single bite!

Don’t worry, though, these frogs are actually quite friendly and make great pets. They’re also very easy to care for, so even first-time owners can enjoy the company of this charismatic creature. There’s a growing interest in them in the pet industry, as a matter of fact.

Whether you want something interesting to look at or a playful pet that won’t take up too much room, a Pacman frog is sure to be a great addition to your home. It might just become your newest best friend.

Pacman frog morphs that are popular

Pacman frog morphs that are popular
Image Credit: 台灣角蛙強森, Instagram

As any frog enthusiast will tell you, Pacman frogs are among the most unique-looking and hardiest pet frogs in the world. Their widespread appeal has led to the development of dozens of vibrant and stunning morphs.

A variety of beautiful Pacman frog morphs are available, from pinks and oranges to greens and blues. It is not surprising that Pacman frogs have been bred in a variety of colors and patterns due to their broad appeal.

Well, why don’t we explore some variety of Pacman frogs? I’ve listed some fan favorites:

Albino Pacman Frogs

The ghostly pale appearance of an albino Pacman frog is one that will undoubtedly catch your eye. This animal lacks coloring, or pigment as we say, giving it a striking pale look with red eyes and other features often catalogued with this morphological type.

 As you can guess from their name “albinos,” these guys aren’t cheap – they cost more than regular colored ones.

Green Pacman Frogs

Green Pacman frogs are an adorable, off-the-wall variety of the popular frog morphs. They have all loving characteristics that make them just as loveable to play with or keep around your house!

The bright green coloration stands out against their brown markings which can be any shade from light yellowish orange to dark red tones.

Argentine Pacman Frogs

The Argentine Pacman frog is a common morph. It has gray, otherwise light brown skin adorned with dark spots and an alluring black band that seductively extends from the eyes to below the waist. I am captivated every time I see that.

There are humid places with elevation ratios between 1% and 3% throughout South America where this particular hue appears.

Strawberry Pineapple Albino Pacman Frogs

Believed to be derived from an albino frog ancestor, the strawberry Pacman breed is one of the most popular morphs of this frog. Although, how to breed one of these is top secret, their eyes which are similar to albinos indeed hint that there’s a connection.

These brightly colored frogs of the Cranwell subspecies can be found in a range of different hues, but their signature feature is an abstract pattern made up of pinkish-white circles.

The center sector where each ring ends in deep strawberry red gives them uniqueness among other similar species with marked bodies across the world. They’re also relatively easy to take care of.

Blue Pacman Frogs

Have you heard of the Blue Pacman? These selectively bred morphs come from the Cranwell subspecies and have a dashing blue coloration similar to aqua. The food they eat as juveniles causes this dramatic shade, which contains an algae mixed diet.

This particular type of diet is taxing for the Pacman frogs so I wouldn’t try replicating them at home unless under expert supervision.

Once you refrain from feeding this diet to the frogs, they’ll start changing colors and form a mint-green shade. And you know what? I think it’s a good idea as well. The green splash on its skin looks fresh compared to other morphs.

Purple Pacman Frogs

Ah, another Cranwell subspecies that are selectively bred to perfection. Don’t mistake it for translucent Pacman frogs as they’re also sometimes as purple, but they ain’t the same.

Juvenile purple ones start off as purely purple, and as time flies by, they start to form brownish shades. You can even find them in orange, yellow, and even rare red markings. They’re one of the premium Pacman frog breeds.

Chocolate Mint Pacman Frog

It’s hard to find people who don’t like chocolate. Well, some people love it so much they’ve named a frog after it.  Introducing the chocolate mint Pacman frog, one of the most loved breeds on the planet.

In line with its name, this frog is chocolate brown with hints of green. Typically, the eyes be black colored or dark brown.

While the chocolate mint Pacman frog may not be as sweet as its namesake candy, it’s definitely a treat for the eyes.

Citrus Albino Pacman Frog

With its bright skin and black spots, the Citrus Albino Pacman frog is one of the frog mutations that’s becoming more and more loved by the people.

It was found first in orchards near citrus fruit bushes. People suspected it was related to Albino Pacman, and there you go! That’s how they came up with the name.

The reasons for its mutation are not known; but whatever it may be, the result is a gorgeous frog that is sure to stand out in any collection. If you’re looking for something truly unique, the Citrus Albino Pacman frog is certainly worth considering.

Samurai Ornate Pacman Frog

Who wouldn’t love to have a mini soldier by their side all the time?  Check out the beautiful samurai ornate!  The deep green body with intricate black markings makes it appear as though an armor-wearing warrior has taken up a defensive position on his opponents’ frontline; ready to clash swords at any moment’s notice.

Collectors go mad for this frog because of the high price it can fetch on the market. But what makes this frog so special? For one thing, its striking appearance is sure to turn heads.

In the past, Japanese nobles would have a samurai with them, you could even call that act a symbol of status and nobility. Well, although it’s not the same, I’m sure having one of these rare and beautiful frogs will make you feel somewhat like royalty.

Samurai Blue Pacman Frog

Don’t mistake it for Blue Pacman frogs. This blue shogun is an entirely different breed. It has lavish blue colorings with black/brown spots on its skin. With it, they have striking yellow eyes. It’s an attractive color combination. They also come in lime green or greenish-blue hues.

They can grow up to 8 inches and are found in the depths of South America. They have a voracious appetite and would eat anything from bugs to snakes.

The best thing about this morph is that they’re relatively easy to handle and pet. Which is why they’re quite in demand.

Translucent Pacman Frogs

I saved the best for last. Meet translucent Pacman, the hardest one to identify on this blog, and also the most expensive one.

Translucent Pacmans are rarer than most frog species you’ll ever meet. Their appearance is highly variable, so they’re hard to spot. The only thing you could notice about them is that these frogs have a pinkish translucent spot on either their backs or the belly. Yes, this is 100% present on their body. The rest of their color and pattern is totally random.

Every individual can have different patterns and you’d never be able to confirm it fully unless you’re someone with a vast amount of knowledge about these creatures.

Now do you get it why are they so expensive? One of these frogs could fetch an odd $500. You might think you’ll get a pair and breed them, but even that is hard because they are a non-heritable mutation. Therefore, it is not guaranteed the offspring will be translucent.

So, it’s definitely a premium collection.

Characteristics Of The Pacman Frog

Characteristics Of The Pacman Frog
Image Credit: MT Pet Emporium, Instagram

When it comes to pet frogs, Pacman frogs are hard to beat. These friendly amphibians have all the appeal of other pet frogs with a few interesting quirks that make them even more special.

First off, these frogs are known for their distinct look: they are usually larger than other species and feature a wide mouth, giving them the “PAC-man” look that they are named after. The females of the species are generally bigger than the males.

They also have a few other interesting traits, such as their love of burrowing and hiding out in the substrate. This means Pacman frogs need roomy terrariums with plenty of areas to explore and hide.

They have a pretty good appetite and are okay with a variety of food items, starting from insects, and mice to industrial food.

During mating season, the males would make various kinds of noise to attract the females, just like cicadas.

Pacman frogs also tend to be quite active, which makes them great pets to watch. They’ll hop around their terrarium and you can even give them a few different items to play with, like sticks or toy frogs.

Plus, Pacman frogs are relatively easy to care for they just need a warm and humid environment along with the occasional misting.

Are Pacman frogs expensive?

Are Pacman frogs
Image Credit: 翁志瑋, Instagram

It depends on the morph and the age. The babies tend to be cheaper. But depending on the morphs, a Pacman frog could cost anywhere from $15 to $400, maybe even $600!

I have a detailed article on how much a Pacman frog costs, you’ll have a better understanding if you read that.

Closing the Curtain

Well, it’s a round-up! I tried to give you a brief idea about various different types of Pacman frog morphs. It’s far from a complete encyclopedia about Pacman frogs, but still, a good place to start from scratch. There are so many colors and patterns, I’d be writing a book if I had to get all the morphs.

This is a testament to how far this frog can evolve.

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