Dart frog owners think their little friends will feel lonely unless you house them with someone else. Well, that’s not completely wrong, depending on whom you put them on the tank with. Millipedes are one lifeform that they get along with.

Can you keep millipedes with dart frog

It is possible to keep millipedes and dart frogs together in the same terrarium, but there are a lot of factors to consider. While they have some similarities, there are also some important differences to keep in mind.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the pros and cons of keeping these two pets together and offer some tips on how to create the perfect environment for your new friends.

Factors you must consider before adding millipede in dart frogs tank

Factors you must consider before adding millipede in dart frogs tank

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Every single animals and insect react in their way. And the fact is several factors determine how they are going to react to other life around them. This is why many expert hobbyists say Yes, while others say No when it comes to putting millipedes with dart frogs.

Here you will have an idea when you can keep them and when it’s threatening for both of them.

So let’s have a tour to find out how a millipede has good/bad encounter with a dart frog..

1. Size plays a significant role

Though some millipedes can live with your dart frog without any issues, some millipedes are going to kill your dart frog. Here comes the game of size.

When you put small millipedes they will most likely become the food of the dart frog. That’s nothing absurd rather in nature they hunt each other like that.

When thinking of keeping the millipedes with the dart frog inside the same enclosure, a medium size millipedes would be the best option. Adding a small one would put your frog at risk of getting poison.

One way to keep your frog safe and also the millipedes are to keep African giant millipedes which are very large as a meal for the dart frog.

Adding to that, these gigantic millipedes are extremely aggressive and there’s a probability that they can kill the frog.

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2. Territorial nature

There remains a high chance of getting into a fight as both dart frogs and millipedes are extremely territorial. If in a single tank you plan to keep multiple millipedes most probably they will try to kill each other.

When it comes to dart frogs they might get irritated by the presence of millipede but they will encounter each other and it’s hard to tell when?

3. Tank modification

Unlike other frog tanks, this would require a different setup. Because the frog is the main hunter here so you need to make some safety and escape options for your millipede.

Keep an escape route using which your millipedes can escape if it feels too threatened by the dart frog. Also, a high-depth substrate will be helpful for the millipedes to spend their time without any external threat.

You can also add a mini cave where your frog can’t get access but the millipede can easily hide. Plants work great as hiding spots for the millipedes. Add a good amount of plants and it will be safer.

4. Millipedes can throw hydrogen cyanide

This creepy creature can create hydrogen cyanide and attack it to kill or harm the opponent. Though the amount will not be enough to turn the dart frog dead, it will be quite harmful without any doubt. 


On the other hand, a small size millipede will become yummy food for the dart frog even if it attacks with these chemicals.

5. Species selection is crucial

Out of many species, you must select the which is less aggressive and harmful for the dart frog. Few millipedes can generate noxious fluid which they use for defending or attacking. And this can be harmful to the frog.

Moreover, some of them can secrete extremely dangerous chemicals that can kill the dart frog on the spot if it gets inside the body of your frog.

However, the good news for you is if you purchase millipedes from breeders or even keep them for a long time before you put in inside the tank by that time they will lose the poison production ability. It happens because they eat non-poisonous food like leaves, varieties of fruits, and woods in captivity.

On top of that, in captivity, they don’t have that predatory mood like their forest counterparts.

6. A dark environment can help

Due to the sensitivity, it would be better for both millipedes and dart frogs if you keep low light. You need to keep plants that require less light for growing.

You have to change the substrate pretty often because this creepy friend will eat any plants that they find in front of them which includes even wood.

How to keep giant millipedes

Bright & Dark sides of pairing millipedes and dart frog

Bright & Dark sides of pairing millipedes and dart frog

Image Credit: Youtube, Frog Time

I don’t think it comes as a surprise that having a dart frog and millipedes would have their drawbacks just as they have their benefits. It’s a normal occurrence in life.

Let’s see the good and bad sides of keeping millipedes with dart frogs in the following part.

The Pros of Keeping Millipedes and Dart Frogs Together

There are a few reasons why keeping millipedes and dart frogs together can be a good idea. First of all, they both prefer humid environments, so they won’t compete for space or resources.

Moreover, millipedes are nocturnal creatures, so they’ll be active when dart frogs are resting. This means that your terrarium will always have something interesting going on, even if one of your pets is sleeping.

Also, millipedes help keep the terrarium clean by consuming decomposing plant matter. This can be a helpful way to reduce odor levels inside the enclosure.

The Cons of Keeping Millipede and Dart Frogs Together

Let’s see the negative side of keeping them together…

As we talk about it earlier that one of the biggest potential problems with keeping millipedes and dart frogs together is that millipedes secrete a chemical that can be toxic to frogs. If your frogs come into contact with this secretion, it could make them sick or even kill them.

Additionally, you’ll need to be extra careful about food contamination since both animals will use the same area to eat.

All of these sound scary, doesn’t it? It might even discourage you from putting them together. But don’t worry, if you give them the ideal condition, then they can live happily.

How to Create the Perfect Environment for the Dart frog & Millipedes

If you’ve decided that you want to keep millipedes and dart frogs together, there are a few things you’ll need to do to create the perfect environment for your new pets.

The first thing you’ll need is a terrarium that is at least 12 inches tall and 18 inches wide so that your animals have enough space to move around.

Then, you’ll need to create various hiding spots using live plants or pieces of driftwood so that your animals can feel secure. Third, you should use a substrate like a coco fiber or sphagnum moss to help maintain humidity levels inside the enclosure.

Lastly, make sure to include a water dish large enough for both animals to drink from.

Final Verdict

If you keep the millipedes with dart frog, you must have a close monitor frequently to see everything going alright. Which may be a bit painful experience for you unless you are an extremely pet hobbyist person or professional.

So, before you decide to put them together, first of all, you need to prepare yourself and ensure you can protect them both from each other. Otherwise, it’ll be a big mess. If you need time to do that, then you need to wait until it’s the right time.

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