Due to their brilliant color combinations and designs on their skin, frogs are becoming highly popular pets due to their glow under the light. There is no doubt that the Pacman frog is a growing favorite in the pet scene. However, if you want them as a pet, you need to know a lot.

One interesting fact about them is that when it comes to living, Pacman frogs are a pure solitary species. It may seem alluring and entertaining to keep multiple Pacman frogs together, but the outcome will be disastrous.

When it comes to keeping Pacman frogs together in the same enclosure, I can tell you the straight-cut answer is a big no. However, there are some exceptions. Let’s dive in to see why you can’t let Pacman frogs live together and in what circumstances you can.

Can Pacman frogs live together

How come Pacman frogs can’t live together in the same tank?

How come Pacman frogs cant live together in the same tank

Image Credits: Shutterstock, Patchara T

Due to the eat-alone & die-alone nature, the Pacman frog simply does not have the ability to live with other Pacman frogs. Adding to that, these voracious amphibians are cannibal in nature. This means they won’t delay eating the same species with a smaller size.

However, for a certain period, you can house Pacman frogs together but that’s also under close supervision. In the following part, you will have full details on it. 

3 cases where you can give a try keeping Pacman frogs together

3 cases where you can give a try keeping Pacman frogs together

Image Credits: Shutterstock, Agus_Gatam

The innate nature of the Pacman frog is to live alone, breed with a male/female, fight with another frog for territory, and eat another frog for hunger and move on. That’s how they have been living in the wild for thousands of years on earth.

So breaking the permanent lifestyle pattern and keeping them as a group can be fatal. However, only in 3 stages, you can give it a try and that’s also with lots of measurement. So here these are…

1. Mating season

When the mating time comes, the male & female Pacman frog stays for a while together. However, this whole mating season is not free from danger. You may wonder, why. 

Like many other amphibians, these frogs have a cannibalistic character that leads to eating their partner when breeding time appears. Adding to that, size plays a big role in the eating process. Because the size of the female is much larger than a male Pacman frog.

However, for successful breeding observation is a must and you must choose a male Pacman frog that has a closer size to the female frog.

If a male frog approaches the female frog when she is hungry then instead of breeding it would become a feeding session for her. So you have to ensure that both of the frogs are already full. And no chances of hunger will make successful breeding.

Once they are done breeding, keep them apart as soon as possible to avoid the worst scenario.

2. Keeping as sibling

Though there remains a good probability of not unleashing their cannibal nature & fight violently when 2 Pacman frog grows together as a sibling. But still, no one can give a full guarantee. So they can be put in one tank but add a barrier.

3. Putting the same size frog

Another thing many people try is that they keep the same-size frogs in a single tank without any barrier. When the size is the same, it reduces the chance of eating their counterpart. But it would be tough to stop them from attacking one another. Which will eventually hurt both of the Pacman frogs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Pacman Frogs Eat Other Frogs?

Yes they do! As long as something fits in their mouth Pacman frogs will try to swallow. This list includes insects, other frog species, and even their own kinds. Pacman frog has a large mouth compared to it’s body size and an appetite matching it’s large mouth.

Do Pacman Frogs Like Tank Mates?

Absolutely not! Pacman frogs are territorial and like to live alone in their space specially if it is a small enclosure or tank. It will show it’s violent side if another frog or species is found in it’s territory.

Can Pacman Frogs Live With Tree Frogs?

Not a chance! Pacman frog will ambush the tree frog eventually as it is a predator. Tree frogs are quite communal and friendly but that shouldn’t mislead you to put it in a pacman frog enclosure.

Is There Any Way Of Making A Pacman Frog Colony?

It is possible theoretically if you choose a large enclosure and make some adjustments and arrangements to divide space between pacman frogs. It will look like a colony even though they can’t interfere with each others space.

Final Words

Hopefully, you’ve got the core idea that you can’t house Pacman frogs together. Therefore, my suggestion for you would be to keep the Pacman frogs in an individual enclosure and only let them be together in the breeding season. 

I am excited to convey to you the basic knowledge regarding letting Pacman frogs live together. Hope this makes a positive change in your frog petting style!

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