Axolotls may look cute and cuddly, but they can actually be quite picky eaters in terms of their diet. I’m sure you’ve fed them worms that are canned a lot. But have you ever wondered if these can be collected from outside? That’d save you a handful of money.

Yes, in fact, a lot of owners do collect worms from outside and feed them to their axolotls. You can feed axolotl worms from outside like garden worms, wild worms, or bait worms, and they’re fine as long as they don’t contain harmful chemicals.

However, you have to take several factors into consideration when choosing the right kind of outdoor worms for your axolotl, including various sources, health concerns, and nutritional benefits.

What worms can I feed axolotls from outside?

What worms can I feed axolotls from outside
Image Credit: Kendrick L. the Axolotl, Instagram

While treating your axolotl, why not provide the freshest and healthiest snacks possible? And what better fresh meal for them than worms you collected from the outside?

When you feed them worms from outside, opt for those free of any synthetic ingredients for a 100% natural treat. They can not have chemicals or your axolotl could get sick. A great way to ensure this would be to find out if the nearby soil had any fertilizers planted or not.

Now, you also need to know what kind of outside worms are best for axolotls. There are 2 types of outdoor worms you can feed an axolotl and these are the following

1. Red wigglers

Red wigglers are your neighbors. If you have a backyard garden, they are most probably available there. This species is also known as red worm, and they are loaded with high amounts of protein, ample amounts of minerals & vitamins.

If there has been rain, they are most easily found after a sunny day follows. Or another way you can find them is to dig in the wet soil of your garden & you will find them for sure. While collecting red wigglers, you need to make sure you are getting them from soil that is free from any pesticides or chemicals.

If you accidentally collect the red worm from the fertilized or pesticide-applied soil and feed the axolotl then it would be lethal for your pet.

2. Bait worms or nightcrawlers

You can get different types of bait worms from the local pet store. If they claim their bait worms are free from harmful parasites, then you can buy & feed them to your axolotl. It’s hard to detect whether the shop owner is telling the truth or false, so you can check reviews of their product online.

Another way you can get nightcrawlers is to go back to your backyard and get them from digging up the soil a bit. They are safe for your axolotl feeding as long as they are free from chemical-free soil.

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How to feed red wigglers to axolotls?

How to feed red wigglers to
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It’s not rocket science to feed the red wigglers to multiple axolotls. You can provide them both live or dead and both of them would be fine for your cute pet.

But one thing is common for both live & dead, that is you need to wash the red wigglers very well to get rid of the bitter chemical compound on their slimy skin. This bitter taste sometimes makes it an unattractive meal to fussy axolotl.

Another method you can do is to boil the red wigglers a bit after washing to remove the bitter taste.

As soon as you are done with the washing part, you can use the red wigglers for live feeding. For live feeding, simply put them using the hand inside the tank.  Your axolotl will hunt them by seeing their movement and swallow them with their bite.

If you want to provide dead red worms, you can give them by cutting or full size. It would be better to cut when you are feeding an axolotl less than 6 months.

How to feed nightcrawlers/bait worms to axolotl?

How to feed nightcrawlersbait worms to
Image Credit: Chimecho, Instagram

The feeding process of nightcrawlers is almost similar to that of red wigglers. You can provide both dead or live night crawlers. In both cases, you have to wash them thoroughly with water to remove any dirt or contaminants.

For big-size axolotls, you can feed live night crawlers. While feeding the young axolotl, you can cut the nightcrawler into pieces and then feed them with your hand or a tong.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Can an axolotl choke on a worm?

Most of the time, there is no choking issue when an axolotl is eating a worm. Even if it feels like the worm is too big, it will throw up. So you don’t need to worry about choking on axolotl.

Are red wigglers good for axolotls?

Red wigglers are pretty good for axolotl in terms of their nutritional value as they hold a good amount of protein, minerals, and vitamins. The only drawback is they taste bitter compared to other worms.

Can axolotls eat wild worms?

Yes, axolotls can eat wild worms as long as they are sourced from chemical-free or pesticide-free sites. In their natural habitat, axolotls enjoy wild worms, which are part of their regular diet.

Here’s the exit

Well, there you have it, folks. You can go ahead and feed your pet axolotl worms from outdoors without worry. Not only is it a more natural way for them to eat, but it’s also more affordable than buying commercial axolotl food pellets.

Be sure to give them a good wash first, of course. Remember, when you think of outside worms for your axolotl there’s nothing to panic about if you can clean thoroughly and collect it from chemical-free soil.

Hope this short blog gave you a transparent idea about whether you can feed outside worms to axolotl or not.

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