Have you ever been mesmerized by the enchanting palette of colors that nature can paint? While the beauty of the land and the creatures on it are dazzling enough, the level of mesmerization goes even further when we look at the water kingdom. It’s more beautiful and colorful than anything that exists on this planet.

And, In the realm of aquatic wonders, you got fishes, corals, aquatic plants, etc. but it is the axolotl that stands as the crown emblem of fascination, often bedazzling enthusiasts with its captivating range of colors.

People know that axolotl comes in various colors and patterns, that’s the main reason people choose to collect multiple of them. Amidst the myriad of shades attributed to these remarkable amphibians, there is a particular color its admirers are curious about: Do purple axolotls genuinely exist? The answer, however, is a gentle swish of reality through the water – no, purple axolotls are not a real phenomenon in the axolotl world. 

Despite the array of vibrant colors they may flaunt, purple isn’t on their artistic palette. Does it come as a surprise to you? Fret not, I will go deeper into this. Keep reading and find new information that might widen your horizons…

Are Purple Axolotls Real?

Are Purple Axolotls Real
Image Credit: Kevin Rolfe, Shutterstock

Colorful axolotls have a unique way of capturing our imagination. From vibrant reds to brilliant blues, these aquatic wonders never fail to amaze. While nature has certainly granted axolotls an impressive spectrum of colors, a.k.a axolotl morphs; the elusive shade of purple has proven to be beyond its artistic gifts.

Hold up, I’m a kinda sorta fortune teller who can tell what you’re about to say- You’ve seen purple axolotls, haven’t you? It is with great sadness that I must break it to you, they’re not real. These hues have been artificially generated in the axolotl.

What you’ve seen are selectively bred axolotls. Usually, leucistic melanoid are the ones that produce this. While they are indeed purple-white or pinkish in color, since they aren’t pure axolotls, they don’t count.

Some people go even further and do something that I otherwise would have considered a joke: dye their axolotl purple. Now here’s a disclaimer folks- don’t do it. 

Few even post pictures or make videos of the purple axolotl, edit them, or use LED lighting and a professional camera and angle the pet in such a way that it appears purple.

So, as you can see there is no naturally purple-colored axolotl.

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Can You Dye Your Axolotl Purple?

Can You Dye Your Axolotl Purple
Image Credit: Wirestock Creators, Shutterstock

Although I’m against it, it’s definitely possible. There are primarily 2 reasons for my hesitance. 

  1. Low-quality dye could harm the skin of the axolotl or cause irritation. Not only that, it might permeate inside the skin causing long-lasting damage. There could be toxins too.  
  2. Pollutes the aquatic environment when the dyed axolotl goes into the water. The color of the tank will itself turn purple and even if you follow our tank setup guide and install the best filtration systems, it’ll still take some reps of water changes before it’s fully out.

How to make axolotl purple

How to make axolotl purple
Image Credit: Everything You Need, Shutterstock

I can understand the fascination with purple axolotl. Okay, I’ll be generous and tell you a way you can make an axolotl look purple without causing any damage.

Get some LED lights. Normally LED lights don’t come in purple color but if you look hard enough you might get one. Alternatively, use colored LED lights that combine and make purple color lights. 

Set them around your tank and your axolotl will look purple from the outside. Make sure the lights are dim or it’ll cause stress for your pet.

Where Can I Buy A Purple Axolotl?

Where Can I Buy A Purple
Image Credit: ybbornikufesin, Shutterstock

Axolotls are fascinating creatures, but unfortunately, purple axolotls do not exist, so you can’t buy them. In fact, buying or selling any kind of axolotl is prohibited in some US states, including California, Maine, New Jersey, New Mexico, and Virginia. 

It is imperative to verify the rules and regulations of your country or state before purchasing an axolotl, as many countries, particularly European countries, do not permit ownership of these animals.

If you are looking for a pet that is both unique and beautiful, consider axolotls that are available in other colors, such as white, black, or gold. If you are unsure about where to buy axolotl from, it is always better to buy from physical shops as you can inspect them before buying. 

Buying online is a big red flag, I don’t suggest this unless you’ve found a reputed seller. 

Which Axolotls Look Purple?

Which Axolotls Look Purple
Image Credit: Jfkjaya, Shutterstock

Amongst all axolotl morphs, the lavender axolotl and melanoid axolotl are easiest to turn purple under the correct lighting. 


From its adorable appearance to its fascinating ability to regenerate limbs, the axolotl is a truly one-of-a-kind creature that is sure to win your heart. But being purple-colored isn’t one of its features.

So, if you are dreaming of a purple axolotl, you may have to settle for a different color. But don’t worry, there are plenty of other beautiful axolotls to choose from!

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